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Sunday, September 10, 2017

The kt Wiz, Lotte Giants, and James

As action heats up in the KBO with teams trying to maintain their leads or jump ahead of others before the end of the regular season, the action for Team Jokbal has also heated up and with it comes some more stories of kindness (and humor) on the part of players and teams. At the start of the year we had an idea in mind of what we wanted to do, but we never expected it to go as far as it has. The only way that it has gotten this far is from the kindness of players and teams.

Yesterday I woke up at 6 am and started my trip to Suwon kt Wiz park to catch up with the Wiz crew and Lotte Giants crew. While sitting and waiting on the Wiz guys (Donn Roach, Ryan Feierabend, and Mel Rojas Jr.) some great things started to happen. We were greeting players as they came by and getting the occasional smile from the other fans that were there waiting. Around 9 or 9:30 Donn was the first to appear and while chatting with him Ryan also came in. We stood and had a nice conversation about how everything had been going with collecting the items (both guys were already aware of everything and we had previously spoken with Donn). They both kindly said they would go inside and grab some things and bring them back out. A few minutes later they reappeared with some awesome stuff which included one of Donn's jerseys, his warmup, one of Ryan's hats, and Yoon Suk-min's kt Wiz travel bag.
kt Wiz Items

We chatted a bit more and snapped a few pictures and they headed back inside. Shortly after, Yoo Han-joon came walking by and we stopped him to show him what we were doing and he kindly and in perfect English might I add said that he would go take a look and see if he had anything for us. I told him that we would just be sitting around just outside if he had anything to give.

Donn, Me, Ryan
Not long afterward another very kind young Korean guy comes out of the locker room with some items. This guy was James. I figured he was just being kind (which he is very kind) and telling me his English name to make me feel comfortable. I wasn't aware of who he was at the time, but since there are a lot of young players that I am unfamiliar with I thought he was one of them. He said he had been in the locker room with Donn and the other guys and there was some mention about what we were doing and he wanted to bring some things out for us. He brought our a couple of pairs of batting gloves and a t-shirt. We talked for a while and he was really happy to help out and happy to hear the story about what we were doing to help out kids at orphanages. His English was excellent, but I didn't really think much of it because I have run across more than a few Korean players that speak English really well, so once again I just thought he was one of the young Wiz players that I was unfamiliar with. I asked him to sign the things he brought out and we snapped a picture and he went back inside.

Me & James
While waiting on Mel to come through, I took a bit of time to try to identify James based on his photo and his signature, but I wasn't having much luck. I wasn't too worried though because I knew that I would eventually identify him and before I knew it Mel had appeared and stopped off for a chat. He said that he would check is locker and get some stuff back out to us a bit later. After that we continued to hang around and wait just in case anyone else came back out with things.

Right around 11:30 we made our way over toward the Lotte bus arrival area to catch up with Josh Lindblom, but just before we got there all of the buses had parked and all of the players were inside. We back and grabbed the Wiz items that we had collected and took them over to put them in the car. On the way back through we were able to catch the attention of Josh on the field and he came over and said that he had the Lotte Giants helmet that we sent to him signed and in the dugout. We headed on inside the stadium to catch up with him and grab the helmet.

After getting inside, we headed over to Josh and he asked us to go over and meet him by the dugout to grab the helmet. However, that didn't quite work as planned since security stopped us and wouldn't let us down near the field. Even after Josh reappeared with the helmet and was trying to tell them to let us down to get it, they denied our entry. Not a cool move by them, but we have become used to the security run-ins and Josh asked us to just meet him over at the bullpen. We walked over and he passed us the helmet and we were having a bit of a chat when security tried to intervene once again. At that point we just ignored the security and told them that Josh knows us and he is helping us out. After all, it's kind of hard for security to tell a player that they can't talk with fans. We were able to express our gratitude to Josh and our happiness that he is back in the KBO with his daughter doing well. He is a great guy and he said he would try to round up some more things for us at a later date.
Picking Up the Helmet from Josh

After all of that was settled our job for the day was mostly done and we took the helmet to the car and came back to watch the game. During the game, still puzzled over the mysterious James, who we thought may have been Jung Hyun (#7) or possibly the Wiz interpreter, we had a great time cheering along and telling stories. We were also sure to cheer on Jung Hyun (as James) every time he came to the plate.

After the game we headed out to catch Mel to grab the items from him and hopefully answer the question of "who is James?" After a bit of a wait we saw Donn come out and then Mel. Mel brought us out one of his hats and a warmup and was immediately surrounded by fans. He passed the items off to us and stood there signing for all of them. He's a really great guy and he loves and takes care of the fans. They also really love him.
Me & Mel

Meanwhile I slipped over to Donn while he was also signing for a huge group of fans to get to the bottom of the James situation. I showed him the photo and he said James is their interpreter, to which us Jokballers had a big laugh because we were so confused about who he was.

At the end of the day, we had a great time and got some great items for the auction. The kindness of players (and interpreters) such as Donn, Mel, Ryan, James and Josh always inspires us to try harder for the kids. These guys are great and nothing that Team Jokbal is doing would be possible without their support. They have all been very kind and welcoming and we can't wait for the auction so that we can show how their donations have helped kids in South Korea. It's gonna be a great event and it's all possible because of you guys! Thanks for helping out!


Team Jokbal πŸ–

Monday, September 4, 2017

No Rain No Gain - Winning a Cancelled Game!

"Where are you? I can't see you." My friend Jong Hwan Hong shouted down the phone. "I am with Roger in the parking lot." Was my matter of fact response. "Who? I can't find you." he continued. "Come to the crowd in front of the main entrance. I'm with Bernadina. Give us 5 minutes."

At the time of the call, I really don't think that my friend believed where I was or who I was with. It was raining, the kind of rain that makes you think that God may have just ordered 2 of every animal onto a boat. The game had long since been called off and my friend was coming to pick me to go for a night out. He really didn't want to get out of the car. I don't blame him. Even if I was meeting the sensation that is Roger "The Shark" Bernadina, surely a quick selfie and signature would only take but a moment. Why would he want to stand in this pouring rain? Roger may even be gone by the time he reached me.

Crowd amassing around Roger Bernadina. A real fan favorite!

The truth is Roger, had spoken to me about the whole Team Jokbal campaign and felt that he could help. Much to my amazement, he told me to "Just wait 5 minutes. I'll be back."I was genuinely shocked since I was pretty sure that I appeared pretty inebriated. I was drunk. (Something to do with a family gathering under a bridge). Bernadina would have been well within his rights to have just ran away from my drunk ass. Thankfully, I had been able to flash a pair of Pat Dean's shoes that he had given to me earlier in the day. That seemed to have worked as some kind of secret handshake or show of good faith. The curious crowd that was amassing around the entrance was actually upset with me. Some felt that they had missed their chance to meet their hero. I explained in Korean and English that he would come back. The drunk foreigner was being cursed for sure!

The offending bridge where the people of Jeongeup meet to get hammered.

I knew he would! Team Jokbal has seen him sign for so many fans so far this season. He is a true role model but some of the folks there didn't know him so well even if they had good cause to be suspicious of myself.

Almost exactly 5 minutes later, Roger reappeared with his arms full. By this time, Hong was calling again, wondering what was going on. He had made it to the back of the crowd. At that time, Roger had taken me behind the security cordon and presented me with a signed, prized bat aong with a pair of his own game worn shoes. He also had a nice bonus! He had managed to get league leading pitcher Hector Noesi to contribute to the campaign. So then we took our pictures together to affirm the authenticity of the items for the auction and we said our goodbyes. I emerged from the crowd, and finally ran into my buddy. A little annoyed by my delay and the fact that he had to get out into the rain, he then realized what had happened and we got into the car and went off to celebrate.

The Shark with the goods.

KIA nor LG had been able to record a victory at Champions Field that day but Team Jokbal was a clear winner. Had there not been a rain delay, this haul may not have been possible. We would have got our much discussed package from Pat Dean (see previous jokbal blog contributions) but these were surprise additions. The purpose of the visit had been to meet with Pat and pick up some items that he had been saving for us. And it had been a pleasure to have met Pat again and the day had been all about him until the last 10 minutes. I had been asked to sign his autograph in return for a free taxi ride and I had been asked why was "Pat Dean drinking beer at 7.11 before a game." Korean people of Gwangju seem not to grasp that I am not Pat Dean and I look nothing like him! When I met Pat, he had managed to rustle up some game hats, signed balls and the pair of shoes that acted as the secret password with Hector and Bernadina.

Earlier meeting with Pat Dean.

Anyway, thanks to the KIA boys for adding to our growing collection! We know that their good work will definitely help to do some good! Oh and thanks to Hong for waiting... I hope you understand!

The KIA collection!

Another Dino Joins Team Jokbal (Xavier Scruggs)

Another Dino joins Team Jokbal This past Saturday 09-02-17 Team Jokbal made the trip to Masan Baseball Stadium for the second addition to the charity from an NC Dino. This contribution came to us from Xavier Scruggs. It was great to finally catch up with Xavier after originally contacting him about what we are trying to do. We got a chance to meet with Xavier after the game down next to the dugout. Although he did not play in the game that night he was still able to take the time and meet us which were great.

 We were able to meet and have a quick conversation with Xavier and after I could not speak more highly about him as a humble and down to earth guy. He graciously was able to give us two of his pro model bats one that was game used the other not and also he gave of a pair of his own used batting gloves. All of the items that he contributed he signed for us right there in person next to the dugout.
Pro Model bats and gloves
It is great to see another contribution come Team Jokbal’s way from the Dinos. This charity would be nothing without the players and their contributions and we are eternally grateful.

Check back often for more updates from Team Jokbal.


Team Jokbal

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Huff Stuff: A Mystery Box from LG Twins David Huff

The last weekend for Team Jokbal was a great one as we took to Jamsil Stadium early in the morning to catch some players about collecting items for the charity auction. We had previously spoken to Henry Sosa (LG Twins) about picking up a few items and we had also arranged to meet Michael Bowden (Doosan Bears) once again to pick up a few items.

While waiting at the stadium, we were able to catch Henry and he went in and grabbed some things for us from the locker room. Shortly after, we were able to catch up with David Huff (LG Twins) and have a short chat with him about what we are working to do, which is to collect signed player-used gear that will be auctioned off in December with the proceeds going to kids in orphanages and less fortunate areas in Korea. Without hesitation and with the same kindness we have gotten from all players thus far, Dave said that he was in and would be happy to give us some items for the auction.

Over the next few days, we were able to get in touch with Dave once again and he let us know that he would leave a box of things with security so that we could pick it up on Wednesday night. After work on Wednesday, we were able to swing by Jamsil to grab the box and catch a Lotte vs. Doosan game. We picked up the box after a little confusion by the staff. I guess it could be confusing since it was a Lotte vs. Doosan game and there were 2 guys there, wearing Doosan jerseys, asking to pick up a box from David Huff of the LG Twins. I guess the funniest part came just before the security guard went to get the box. He looked at me strangely and said, "You're Huff's friend? Did he leave you tickets?" A few seconds later he returned with the box and we headed over to put it in the car.
Huff Stuff Mystery Box γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

We didn't really take a look in the box until we returned home that night and what we found was amazing. He had hooked us up with a home and away signed jersey, a signed icing shirt, and a nice body length LG jacket. They are some really great items and we a confident that they will help raise a lot for charity.

LG Twins Goods from pitcher David Huff

In closing, there is little more to be said about Dave other than he is a great and welcoming guy that's a great pitcher and ambassador for his team and the KBO. He really cares about the community and the sport and that can easily be seen from his contribution.


Team Jokbal πŸ–

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

LG Joins the Team (Henry Sosa)

Team Jokbal had another big day out, Saturday, August 26. Over the past weekend, Team Jokal was finally able to meet up with a few of the great guys playing for the LG Twins! After a bit of communication with Henry Sosa, and an early morning by George and Tony,  we were able to meet up with him outside Jamsil Stadium before Saturday's game with the Doosan Bears. Sporting our Doosan regalia (sorry Henry) we were able to talk about our mission with him. Henry, being a great guy, immediately jumped in to help, coming back to us not 20 minutes later with some great items we will be excited to show off and sell for the kids come December.

(L-R) Tony, Henry, Andrew and George.
Henry Sosa, born in the Dominican Republic, was originally signed as a free agent to the San Francisco Giants in 2004, but made his MLB debut with the Houston Astros in 2011, playing for them until he made is journey to the KBO in 2012. This will be Henry Sosa's fifth year playing in the KBO, previously playing for both the Kia Tigers and the Nexen Heroes respectively.  

We were able to attain from Henry, two Twins player warm-ups, one autographed and belonging to Sosa himself and the other from Korean outfielder 채은성 (Chea Eun-Sung). But the the most exciting item has to be a Sosa autographed LG Twins jacket (see below)! It was wonderful meeting with Henry over the weekend. Team Jokbal thanks him for his contribution, he is not only a great player, but a class act man as well.

Henry Sosa signed LG Twins jacket and 2 warm ups.  
However, a Jokballers job is never done! Later that day we were also able to meet up with Sosa's teammate, fellow LG pitcher David Huff! Although we were unable to procure a contribution that day, we are confident David will come through for us, judging by his openness and excitement for the cause. We look forward to meeting up with Huff at a later date.

But wait there is more! The one and only Micheal Bowden came through for us once again. For a quick recap, Micheal was our very first contributor and we are so grateful to him for all his help. (See George's previous post on Micheal for more). This time, Micheal was able to come through big for us with an almost full Doosan Bears roster (which includes every starter) signed print of Jamsil Stadium painted by friend of Team Jokbal Andy Brown. Andy has done some other great work including more baseball stadiums around Korea. Check him out at

Signed print 

Full list of included autographs
The rest of the team and I had a great and fruitful weekend, it is a pleasure meeting such open and great players all willing to help out. But above all, it is just nice to give back to those less fortunate and help out a community whom would otherwise never be able to experience the great sport of baseball. νŒ€μ‘±λ°œ ν™”μ΄νŒ…!

(L-R) Tony, George, Micheal and Andrew

Team Jokal


Monday, August 28, 2017

Mission Accomplished?

This is a big moment for Team Jokbal, maybe one we never really expected to happen. Something we aimed for but never really believed would happen. I still can't believe that it has happened.

In case you haven't heard yet, Team Jokbal has finally managed to collect items or received pledges from all KBO member teams.

The feat was finally achieved by a determined weekend of campaigning. On Saturday, an 8hour camp out at Jamsil stadium led to LG delivering their goods and a truly special item being donated by Michael Bowden and his Doosan team mates. (Read Andrew Dunham's soon to be published contribution about that day.) All I will say is that left us with 2 teams to go. Hanhwa and SK! Guess what? Those 2 were set to play each other the next day at the Happy Dream Park in Incheon.

Well fate is a beautiful thing. As luck had it, my fiancΓ© (then my girlfriend), won 2 VIP tickets for that game earlier in the week. However, she knew nothing of my marriage proposal planned for Saturday night. So after a 10 hour stake out, a game, a marriage proposal and an engagement celebration that went on till 3am, Min and I headed to the Happy Dream Park.

Initially, the day seemed destined to end in disappointment. An underground VIP parking lot seemingly blocking any chance to talk to players. Not to be deterred, I bought some Cass and decided to explore. With beer as my guide, I managed to find the underground player entrance. but only to find out that all the players had arrived. Disaster!

But then, up popped the Hanhwa team bus and came an encounter with our No1 target, Wilin Rosario, the Hanhwa home run hitting machine.

Wilin is a big dude and a powerful hitter but nothing prepares you for just the softly spoken gentleman that he is... oh I forgot, he was recently caught reading a book in the middle of game that he was playing in. He immediately walked up to me and shook my hand and offered his help with our cause. Extremely nice guy! Success!

Meeting Wilin Rosario of Hanhwa Eagles

Despite the positive experience with Rosario, there was still a feeling of disappointment. Failure even. 1 team remained and I had failed, blown my chance. I felt that we would go in with a glaring omission from our work. Completeness was a requirement. No matter how much other players and teams had given us, the inability to get anything from SK felt like a real failure.

To celebrate the engagement news Blake Sibley and Rae Lanczak came and joined us to drink Maekguli before the game. Still on a huge high from the night before and with good friends I was quickly able to get over this disappointment. However, the maekguli may have fueled what happened next.

Something had to be done!

Luckily our VIP seats afforded us a chance. A long shot but enough of a chance. I was determined to take advantage. Their location made one last crack possible.

Getting drunk in good seats... with the burger that bares the coach's name. The Hillman Burger.

Struggling to see any other options, being reasonably drunk, I decided to take a risk. I took advantage of a change of security in the sixth inning stretch and ran to the edge of the dugout. I shouted and got the attention of Trey Hillman. He initially looked pissed that I dare bother him during a game. I don't blame him! I really didn't want to do things this way. It isn't the Team Jombal way! We try not to interrupt too much and let everybody get on with their job. However, in this case I saw no better option. I am sorry but I don't regret it! Hillman agreed to meet at the end of the game and it looked like the mission may finally be accomplished.

Coach Hillman kept his word, no matter the drunk jackass I appeared and he went into the locker room and fetched us a jersey and another box that he had signed. I was on the bus home when I realized that it was a bible. Yes! A signed bible! Definitely the most unusual item in our stockpile but still very much appreciated! Thanks Coach Hillman!

So now Team Jokbal has a pledge or has received some kind of item from every single team. As long as some players and teams keep their word, we will have succeeded. We aren't tempting fate yet but given how well things have gone, we are very optimistic of being able to raise a lot of money for good causes. We will continue to pick up what we can for our auction as that will raise us more money but for now it is great knowing that we have reached all teams. 1 more month of regular season to go, the collection grows!